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Every proceeding involving a trademark is unique. There are numerous exceptions, limitations and other variables involved in every process.

We provide clients with comprehensive legal assistance, from taking over representation in a specific case to its valid completion.

Services related
to trademark registration

National trademark

Protection of the brand throughout the Slovak Republic

European trademark

Protection of a registered trademark throughout the EU

International validity extension of a TM

International registration of a trademark

Legal advice

and assistance in the field of trademarks

Representation in proceedings

to register a trademark in the register

Representation in renewal

in matters concerning of your trademark

Recording changes

to your trademark in the register

Research services

and trademark monitoring

IP audit

Audit of the trademark applicant

Representing clients when faced with violations
of their registered trademarks

Preparation of objections

to the registration of a mark in the Register of Trademarks

Cancelling trademarks

petition to cancel a trademark

Invalid trademarks

petition to declare a trademark as invalid


against decisions issued by various offices

Filing lawsuits

to examine the lawfulness of an office's decision


procedural steps related to trademarks