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Trademark registration

Protect the uniqueness of your brand, ensure its recognition and stay ahead of the competition.

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A trademark may consist of any marking which is capable of distinguishing the goods or services of one person from the goods or services of another person and is recorded in the relevant trademark register.

Word mark

This mark consists of words, letters, numbers, other standard typographic characters, or a combination thereof that can be written.

Visual mark

This mark consists of non-standard characters, stylisation or appearance, graphic property or colour. Also included are marks composed exclusively of figurative elements or figurative marks which contain verbal elements. Accepted format: JPEG, 300 dpi, max. 2 MB

Audio mark

An audio file that reproduces sound or accurately expresses sound through music notation. Accepted formats: MP3, max. 2 MB

Colour mark

A trademark consisting of a single colour (without outlines), a combination of colours (without outlines) or consisting of a design from a set of elements which are repeated regularly. Accepted format: JPEG, 300 dpi, max. 2 MB

Multimedia content

Such content is a combination of audio and visuals or includes them. Accepted file formats: MP4, max. 20 MB

Spatial 3D mark

A three-dimensional trademark is comprised of a three-dimensional shape or includes a three-dimensional shape or combines it with word elements. Accepted formats: JPEG, OBJ, STL, X3D

Hologram mark

This mark contains elements with holographic properties. Accepted formats: JPEG 300 dpi, max. 2 MB or MP4, max. 20 MB

Positioning mark

This mark is based on the specific way in which a mark is positioned on or attached to a product. Accepted formats: JPEG, 300 dpi, max. 2 MB


What is the territorial validity of a trademark?

A trademark is valid only for the territory where it is registered. So, when you choose the territorial validity, you decide for which territory you want protection for your brand.

National trademark

Protects your brand on the territory of the Slovak Republic

European trademark

Provides brand protection throughout the EU

International trademark

Provides the validity extension of a national or European trademark to selected countries around the world

What we offer

We are proud to offer you years of experience. We represent dozens of clients in more than 100 cases at the national and international level.

The trademark registration process is a set of administrative and legal steps with many exceptions and restrictions.

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Why is trademark protection so important for you?

1. Security and uniqueness

To protect against misuse, to legally bar competitors from using markings that are the same or similar to your trademark

2. Differentiation

Immediately set yourself apart from competing goods and services

3. Trademark protection may be renewed every 10 years, and can exist forever if regularly renewed

Trademark protection may be renewed every 10 years, and can exist forever if regularly renewed

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